colours identify us

Light flooded and air conditioned space gets you immediately connected to Coloured Seeds. Colours identify us. The industrial design with our peculiar uncovered bricks is splattered with coloured columns. 3 of a kind, coffee, pumpkin and pistachio. Our terrace unleashes good chatting time during brunch. Divided in two floors our 230 sqm enable interaction, relationships and relaxed work during opening hours from 9 am to 7 pm, Monday to Friday. It doesn’t matter where you come from, your education or your experience. Difference makes the community stronger. It’s a great place to share knowledge. Currently our coworker are all related to leadership coaching, IT, data processing: from web application development over SEO, solutions architecture for enterprises or Blockchain technologies.

We are promoting our other spaces, like the 42 sqm multimedia room with outreach sessions, trainings, talks and discussion panels around Finance, Fintech and Blockchain topics. This 4th quarter, we offer every 2nd Thursday free entrance to our conferences, workshops and talks, all of them organized by our coworker. We are coordinating with the innovation city council & the Mediterranean Universitary Campus (CUM) a Blockchain Day on its potential usability in traditional industries. We are gauging interest in Vilanova for accounting and finance for non professionals. We are even considering the possibility to offer training and courses to freelancer and entrepreneurs on business controlling, financing / cash flow, basic accounting, balance sheet, risk management, etc…

The founders of Coloured Seeds are pretty aware of what a coworking space is all about: collaborating, sharing and caring. It’s not a money making machine; our business model has no ROI (return on investment), Only current costs are covered at best, so that entrepreneurs and freelancers short of economic resources have the chance still to cope with minimal fees and launch their business ideas or projects. Only promoting a well connected community our objectives can be achieved. Coloured Seeds’ earnings is not direct cash income, but a fleshed business network, even personal contacts which help our coworkers shine in other circles, allowing them to grow and learn horizontally or cross-wise. Even being Fintech & Blockchain coloured, we understand that diversity is a strong enrichment factor. Having just software developers as an example would not help anyone, but in the orbit of our space there are controllers, lawyers, geeks, hackers, project managers, etc… and when they connect and comment their challenges or past experiences you can almost see the blue sparks crossing space, pure energy.

At Coloured Seeds we don’t believe that brilliant ideas alone make it to the top. Visit us and check it out: Our coworker will share their business ideas with you. Just an idea won’t do the trick. Execution, a decent client base, covering a need or generating a new one are part of the game plus the most important: assume business risks. None of our coworker fears competition, nor do they work in silos. There are markets and clients for every one of them. Collaboration implies more contacts, higher business chances, even if margins are lower. Working in a community helps alpha stages, pilots and betas. Our virtue is help coworker cover all angles. Once a start up shines and emerges from the crowd, we help it attracting seed, acceleration or venture capital. Generally speaking this is the time of ‘good bye’, where NDA are signed and confidentiality becomes relevant. Funds injected will not only position and market the product or service, but pay for salaries and dedicated space for a while in exchange for a small stake in the business. We are helping this stage to come.

Join us and enjoy our colours, the sun light, transparency and the coworker. If you are a digital nomad, you can enjoy besides our space and connectivity, Vilanova’s excellent beaches. You can practice all type of water or mountain sports. The natural park ‘Foix’ is near by. A healthy body helps a fit brain increase productivity. Together hurdles are easier to overcome and milestones are a perfect excuse to toast with beer. You can shed more light and gain better insight on shared ideas. Get your ride on this paradigm shift. We offer you a different way to make or earn your living.


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