Full steam ahead this starting season!

At Coloured Seeds, we take cultural outreach very seriously. Our coworker in line with these principles, want to share with you time and experience to improve your knowledge base or simply give your food for thought and maybe different points of view, alongside topics like sharing economy, leadership, finance, new technologies, and tools.

We will start this autumn cycle of talks, conferences and workshops with a 6 events program starting October, 6th and every second Thursday till December 15th.

Take note of our agenda:

  1. PAYMENT METHODS   –   ¿What are they, how did they evolve in history & what is their role in society?
    October, 6th – 19.30 by Carlos B. Steinblock from BTC-Guardian
  2. ENTREPRENEUR, TEAM, LEADER   –   ¿creative o reactive?
    October, 20th – 19.00 by Odile Monroy from People4ps
  3. SEO TECHNIQUES & WEB DEVELOPMENT applied in professional environments
    November, 3rd – 17.30 by Jesús, Levi y Victor from Offing Web Solutions
  4. CLOUD WARS: Global Phenomenon   –   resilience, responsibility, and inclusion
    November, 17th – 19.30 by Alberto Pinedo de Microsoft
  5. MONEY & ABUNDANCE   –   ¿How would you define your relationship and how does it impact your business and life?
    December, 1st – 19.00 by Odile Monroy from People4ps
  6. COLLABORATIVE ECONOMY   –   ¿What is it and which advantages does it offer?
    December, 15th – 19.30 by Carlos B. Steinblock from BTC-Guardian

We have more topics in the pipeline and are ready to share knowledge with you in Vilanova i la Geltrú: ACCOUNTING for dummies  –  How does the ENTREPRENEUR approach his business plan  –  PARENTAL CONTROL  –  energy, interdependences, self-government, and creativity …

If you feel similar inquisitiveness, don’t hesitate to get in touch and make your suggestions or prepare your talk.

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