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We believe that the greatest added value we can offer you is intangible! Sure, we already know that you need a table, an internet connection and, if possible, a comfortable and adjustable chair ... But what about electricity, IT, cleaning, consumables, and all other costs?
In Colored Seeds the printer will be always ready or someone will change the toner or manage your network connection and the print queue, clean and disinfect your workplace, the toilets and the kitchen, clean the air conditioning filters, buy paper. Most important: we will greet you with a smile every morning. You only worry about producing!

María José


We offer you a cozy space near the Vilanova i la Geltrú courts where you can be productive and have a good time.


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What do they do for their living?

We do not necessarily know what they do in their free time, but professionally they are dedicated from web development and programming, through the design and marketing of packaging or architecture. Coaches, business consultants, writers, project managers and others have also passed through here ...

The Story

The idea of founding a coworking came from Carlos B. Steinblock who, after spending more than a year as an entrepreneur with BTC Guardian, working and disseminating in coworkings in Barcelona, thought that Vilanova could be perfect to house Blockchain technologies and digital nomads due to its size, proximity to Barcelona and perfect mountain and beach spots. Carlos, an expert in accounting and finance and processes, as well as a speaker in Blockchain technologies and who has worked in large multinational companies of recognized prestige, decided to create his own business around the Bitcoin protocol and began working from home on his project. After a while he began to look for an alternative to escape the 4 walls that surrounded him. After combining his home office with coworking in Barcelona, he decided that if he had his place of work close to his place of residence, he would improve the quality of life. He concluded: “why not work in my own coworking space sharing expenses with other entrepreneurs”. This came the idea of creating Colored Seeds, a collaborative workspace and incubation of non-profit companies to support other entrepreneurs like him.
Our space is connected by its bright and air-conditioned spaces. The exposed brick industrial space is complemented by the 3 identifying colors of our favorite seeds: coffee, pumpkin and pistachio. Our terrace refreshes ideas and energizes shared lunches. 230 meters spread over two floors that overlook two facades flooded with natural light, allowing you to interact, socialize and work comfortably in our shared spaces. It doesn't matter where you come from or what you know, in diversity are the advantages. It is the best way to share knowledge. From coaching, through FinTech and Blockchain consulting, web design and development or digital consulting, we all share space, knowledge and good times.