Coloured Seeds welcomes you to our coworker community!

We have introduced a number of measures for maximum flexibility and comfort, including the 24/7 access following strict protocols to ensure the health and safety of our entire community in space.

Health and safety measures:
We have implemented extensive measures to ensure the health and safety of all our coworkers, staff, and stakeholders. We ask everyone who enters our space to follow our security guidelines and front desk directions to keep our community safe.

Rigorous cleaning and disinfection.
All facilities and rooms have been thoroughly sterilized and are regularly disinfected and cleaned with virucidal products and disinfectants.

Regular hand hygiene.
The use of hand sanitizer gel is mandatory. Gel is provided in all rooms and multiplexes. It is mandatory for everyone to disinfect their hands on arrival, as well as before entering a room and after leaving any room. Frequent hand washing is mandatory.

Ventilation is being increased throughout the space each morning to keep the air free of pathogens.

Face mask.
It is mandatory for everyone to wear masks when entering from the street or when using common areas.

Social distancing.
The size of our tables maintains a safe distance between our coworkers. All people must also uphold the rules of social distancing.
Meetings with clients must be reported by appointment or virtually. We recommend that meetings be held virtually whenever possible.

Our world has changed and Colored Seeds is ready. Whether you join the community of our space or if you are already part of it, we are sure that soon we will all adapt to the new way of living.